Teams that seek consensus for even the smallest things (like cancelling a meeting) usually find themselves with someone asking “should we cancel the meeting today?” and getting crickets. No one speaks until someone with a strong opinion (or some form of authority over the team) chimes in or someone gets…

I’ve noticed many senior engineers struggle to find their place in large companies. There’s also a common fear that many ambitious engineers have that they’d work on tiny, boring pieces of massive initiatives at a large company; so they prefer to stay at small companies to “have more impact.”


Nassim Taleb’s concept of “skin in the game” has had a profound impact on me. It states that risk should be symmetric: as in, you cannot subject others to risk that you do not take on yourself (i.e., you must eat the food that you cook).

From observations over the…

Joel Kemp

Staff Software Engineer @Spotify.

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